Delphicaphoto among the wisteria


I am a photographer specialized in landscape and nature photography, especially in the mountains.


I am also a dog educator with a cognitive-relational approach,  and operator in didactic zooanthropology trained at the SIUA School.


Passionate about hiking and mountaineering, I have always loved exploring and discovering new places, taking long hikes in the mountains, meeting the people who live there and appreciating every moment of the journey, deeply feeling the energy of nature.


I feel great joy at every trekking, ranging from the Apennines to the Dolomites, from the Alps to Nepal among the highest peaks in the world, and I always carry the camera with me.



Vision and Values


I particularly care about the conservation of the natural world, of animal and plant species, the protection of ecosystems and the transmission to new generations of the importance of the relationships that binds human beings to nature and other animals.


Through the union of art and nature my photographs want to be a declaration of love for our planet, they want to tell the embrace full of gratitude to be part of such absolute beauty (which resists despite the many abuses to which it is subjected), contemplating the flow of change in the exchange of energy and love that perpetuates life.


Each individual subject has an infinite value in the relationship with others and the environment, and a sense in the global balance. 

Every moment is a new beginning, unrepeatable and precious, each shot is an act of participation and welcome.


With my images I want to increase in each person the knowledge, awareness, gratitude, empathy, sensitivity and responsibility to live in peace and harmony with the natural environment and with ourselves, and to protect our Earth.


I support non-profit organizations and movements that share my same values, including: Italia GentileNature FirstLeave No TracePOW.








I lived the first years of my childhood between Siena - a UNESCO World Heritage city since 1995 - and Monte Amiata.


Since I was a child I have been surrounded by the enormous heritage of masterpieces of the history of Italian art, and by the priceless landscapes of the province of Siena which houses three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The passion for nature and art, exploration and adventure grew with me.


Complying with my skills in drawing, I attended a school with an artistic address and I was soon able to admire the works of many important artists (including Michelangelo Buonarroti), of which I was fascinated.


Writing poetry, studying the piano and playing the guitar helped to develop in me the sensitivity, the ability to listen and the desire for knowledge.


After the classical high school and my university studies in Natural Sciences, I got the European Diploma in Photography at the International School of Photography and Visual Storytellilng Apab-Alinari in Florence (Italy).


I also participated in various courses and workshops, in particular at the Scuola di Alta Formazione di Fondazione Modena Arti VIsive, where I also took part in a collective exhibition.


I continue with perseverance and enthusiasm to enrich my training and to keep myself updated, not only in the photographic field, but by embracing different disciplinary areas of my interest: from ecology and geology to psicology and neuroscience, from artistic expressions to oriental spiritual traditions.


Living immersed in art and nature gives me the opportunity to grow as an artist every day, allowing me to refine sensitivity, listening, curiosity, awareness,  and aesthetic taste, to look with wonder, give value and respect everything around me.




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"To see a world in a grain of sand

and a Heaven in a wild flower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand

and Eternity in an hour"


William Blake





Photo of the mountains with gray clouds


Photo of a living room with a fine art print of Lake Como and a flying crow seen from the Grigna


Photo of the snow-capped Alps

Frequently asked questions about Delphicaphoto

You can find all the information about the equipment I am using in the dedicated page.

I process my photos starting from single files in "raw" format on which I work by putting together different types of interaction for each file.
This processing is also the starting point to create a final photo that includes more shots of the scene that I want to represent (as, for example, in more or less complex panoramic photos).
Often my images are the result of shots taken with different exposures, especially in cases where I have not used GND filters in the field.
Sometimes, to take particular photos, I combine shots of the same scene that differ from each other in: focus points, exposure times, focal length.

First of all my legs and my eyes! I met the most precious and sublime places by walking and observing with an open heart. Nature continually gives us its beauty!!!
I am a lover of 1:25000 scale topographic maps that allow me to have an overview of the territory.
There are also many websites and applications to download on your phone that allow you to consult all the information you need for excursions, such as forecasts weather or the position of the sun and moon.
The tools I usually use are: Photopills, Google Earth, FATMAP, AllTrails, Windy.App, MySnowMaps.
The tools available to a photographer are really many and constantly evolving!
But I don't want to be a slave to technology and beyond paper and technological aids, certainly useful, I especially like to rely on my instincts, to follow the free spirit that pushes me to explore listening to the vibrations of nature.

I am very happy that you appreciate my work!
If you want to talk about me or my photos in your blog post, you can do this by citing me as the author of the photos ("Photograph by Ylenia Cantello"), as required by italian law, and adding the link to my website ("www.delphicaphoto.com").
If you talk about something else in your blog post, then contact me for the permission.
I also remind you that the DELPHICAPHOTO logo, the texts and the DELPHICAPHOTO videos contained in this websiteare protected by the italian law on copyright and intellectual property, and you cannot use them without my authorization. Thank you!

Have more questions?

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information or curiosity.

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