Delphicaphoto - Nepal Khhumbu trek Himalaya
Delphicaphoto - Nepal, Khumbu trekking

I am a photographer specializing in landscape and outdoor photography, especially in the mountains.


I am also a dog educator and I am interested in the relationship between human being and dog in natural environment.


I was born in Siena (Tuscany, Italy) and I lived the first years of my childhood between this town and a village at the foot of Mount Amiata.

Since I was a child, therefore, I was surrounded by an enormous heritage of masterpieces of Italian art, and by the priceless landscapes of the province of Siena where there are four UNESCO world heritage sites.


The passion for art and nature, exploration and adventure have grown with me.


Following my drawing skills, I attended a school with artistic orientation and I could soon admire the works of Michelangelo Buonarroti and other famous artists, of which I was fascinated.


Even the study of the piano and of the guitar helped to develop in me an ever greater sensitivity.


At the same time, I began to discover new mountains facing ever more challenging trekkings.


After the classical high school and my university studies in Natural Sciences, I got the European Diploma in Photography at the International School of Photography and Visual Storytellilng Apab-Alinari in Florence (Italy). I also participated in various courses and workshops, in particular at the Fondazione Fotografia in Modena.

I have always loved to explore and every year I try to discover new mountains, get to know the people who live there, deeply feel the soul of nature, facing increasingly challenging and exciting trekkings, ranging from the Apennines to the Dolomites, from the Alps up to trekking among the highest peaks in the world in Nepal.


Today I live between Siena and Valsassina, in the Lombard Prealps where I found my "mothers mountains".


Living immersed in art and nature gives me the opportunity to grow as an artist every day, allowing me to refine sensitivity, curiosity and aesthetic taste, to give value and respect what surrounds me.


Today I am particularly interested in issues related to the conservation of the natural world and environmental issues, with particular attention to the relationships that bind man, nature and animals.


Through the union of art and nature, my photographs want to be a declaration of love for our planet.


With the images I want to tell the absolute beauty of our Earth - which resists despite the multiple abuses - to make each person grow the knowledgeawareness and sensitivity and to create a condition of harmonious and peaceful coexistence with the natural world.


Every single natural subject has an infinite value and a sense in the global balance. I believe that everyone should be grateful and proud to be part of such beauty, and responsible for its protection over time.