Delphicaphoto Photographer

I am a freelance photographer, a curious explorer of the world and I deal mainly with nature, landscapes and portraits.

Born in Siena, Tuscany, I always had a deep love for nature and the mountains, so much so that I decided to study Natural Sciences, and a great passion for photography that led me to achieve the European Diploma in Photography at the International School of Photography and Visual Narration Apab-Alinari in Florence, then doing my internship alongside landscape photographer Andrea Rontini. 

I grew up traveling, driven by the desire to learn wonderful landscapes to preserve and stories to tell through the lens, to share with my shots the emotions that every new experience brings with it.

Photography is an extraordinary means of communication that requires being present in the first person in the "here and now" and allows you to get in touch with the world and people.


Thanks also to the passion for poetry, art, music, I refined my sensitivity, my gaze, my ability to listen and learned respect, empathy and the value of freedom.

I love trekking in the mountains and for this I organize photographic excursions for photography enthusiasts, both in the province of Siena and in Valsassina (in the Orobie Alps near Lake Como), during which I want to show the infinite beauty that surrounds us explain what are the best techniques to capture it.

I also create personalized portraits in interiors and exteriors, because I believe that photography can reveal the soul that is inside each one and allow an authentic expression of character.

I mainly use digital reflex cameras and f/2.8 and f/1.4 diaphragm lenses, but I also like working with black and white films and then printing photos in my darkroom or following the procedures of some ancient printing techniques even on wood and fabric.