Photo of sunrise in the mountains from the top of Grigna in june

The magic of discovering wonderful places to admire and photograph!

The treks are aimed at people who love photography and walking in nature.

Curious people, looking for new experiences and eager to improve their photographic technique. 


If you also like to travel backpacking in contact with the natural environment,

if you appreciate a genuine diet made up of local products,

if you have a spirit of adaptation, the climb does not scare you and you want to share your passions;

if you never get tired of photographing

and want to learn the best techniques to make your shots, then



you are a PHOTOTREKKER and these trekking are made just for you!


Lounge with leather chairs and woodland path picture in autumn

Fine-art prints are designed for people who love art,

traveling, discovering new things and cultivating their passions.

People who have a lifestyle that respects nature, who know how to look beyond commonplaces,

appreciate the infinite opportunities that each new day offers,

and want to enhance their home with prestigious works.


Each print is made with the prestigious Hahnemühle's fine art papers,

guaranteed to maintain their high quality over time,

and is also produced in a limited edition, numbered and signed by hand.



Give yourself the pleasure of an exclusive fine art print:

rediscover every day the thrill of being in front of the image you love the most! 


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