I make portraits indoors and outdoors for special events as well as the everyday life. 

I address in particular women of all ages who want to play with their own appearance and body. It's a joy for me to see women happy to finally have the photos they always wanted.

I also deal with portraits of people who have health problems who want to have and leave a memory of themselves, and for those who are away from their loved ones. 




I organize photo tours mainly in the magnificent scenery of Tuscany to let you discover and enjoy this unique region, which has no equal in the world.

The tours can last a day or a weekend and will take place mainly in the provinces of Siena (Val d'Orcia, the Chianti, Val di Merse, Val d'Arbia), Florence, Arezzo and Grosseto,

I also organize photographic trekking of several days in the mountains, the Alps and the Dolomites, in particular in Lombardy and in Veneto.




I carry out reportage during sporting events. 

I also realize personalized services for athletes of all levels during their workouts and performances to seize the best of their technical skills and style.

I like to show the beauty of a sport so that other people can pass on and experience the freedom and serenity that new physical activity can give




I'm available for photography classes at photography associations. I'm happy about sharing my passion and experience with groups. 

Topics range from the history of photography, the study of images of the great photographers, the photographic technique, the creation of a story in pictures; from the darkroom to how best using the software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. 

Classes provide individual exercises and the implementation of specific projects that will lead to the creation of a personal portfolio.

Delphicaphoto on shooting



 Photography is a source of creativity. and, with playing, children and teens can express their personality. The photography fascinates young people and my labs want them to familiarize with light and with the tools that allow to take a picture, starting with the construction of a simple camera.

The workshop includes a minimum of five lessons divided into a theoretical introduction and a practical part.

Students are involved in making an exhibition of their work and they can participate in photo contests.



I like to collaborate with artists, writers and poets, musicians, dancers, theater and dance companies and make backstage photos, covers, flyers, posters, advertisements, photos of shows and performances.



I work to create catalogs, calendars, promotional photos, company pictures and everything you need for your business.



I'm available to work in partnership with non-profit organizations and associations to carry out projects that sensitize the public on issues relating to humans, animals and the environment.

I always recommend to meet us to make a session of TEST SHOTS free of charge to get to know each other and evaluate the work to be done. 

Mutual trust is essential and your satisfaction is my pleasure. Having the opportunity to meet you, allow me to create harmony between what you want and my sensitivity in grasping it through the lens. In this way, each portrait, every gesture, every situation comes to life.