The photographic portrait, with its ability to capture our emotions in the "here and now" and to make timeless that image of us, has the power to draw closer to our being more true and deep, to increase our awareness of ourselves and affirm our existence.



The magnificent scenery of the province of Siena is the ideal place to immerse yourself in discovering and loving a unique place that has no equal in the world. The fascinating landscapes, the millennial history and the gastronomic tradition have always attracted people from all over the world.



Immersed in the nature of the beautiful Lombardy pre-Alps of Valsassina and the nearby valleys, photographic trekking is a unique opportunity to live an experience that combines the love for the mountains and the passion for photography.




I like to show the beauty of a sport so that other people can get excited and experience the freedom and serenity that a new physical activity can give.

Making reportages during sporting events gives me the opportunity to capture the effort and joy of the participants in the moment of their engagement in the race, while taking pictures of athletes of all levels during their training and performance, is an opportunity to create personalized services in which to enhance the best of their technical abilities and their style.



Handicraft products and small businesses are a wealth that should be enhanced and made known in the world for their high quality.

Photography meets this need by highlighting not only the finished product but also the people, the philosophy and the work behind it. This is where the relationship of trust with the customers starts.

The catalogs, promotional photos, company portraits, all the images to be included in the website are therefore important to show their business and their products to new customers.