All DELPHICAPHOTO fine art prints are made on the excellent superior quality and extremely durable Hahnemühle papers, which guarantee a chromatic intensity, deep blacks and whites and a rendering of details without comparisons.

Quality and certifications

These papers have obtained the certification of high quality products and comply with the conservation requirements of museums and galleries, as they are made of 100% cotton or alpha cellulose, without acids and lignin.


Hahnemühle papers have been certified by independent institutes to be highly resistant to ageing and do not contain raw material from animal sources.

Attention to the environment

Hahnemühle uses lignin-free cellulose from deciduous and coniferous trees that grow in sustainably managed forests and are FSC or PEFC certified.


It produces energy exclusively from renewable sources (wind, water and solar energy), avoiding more than 3.000 tons of CO2 emissions every year. It also uses natural gas to heat the cylinders of paper machines and through a waste heat recovery system reduces emissions by over 40% compared to legal limits.


In addition, Hahnemühle pays great attention to the recycling of waste that is reintroduced into the production process, if they do not compromise the quality of the products. Otherwise the waste materials are delivered to other appropriate waste transformers.



Commitment to the environment

Hahnemühle supports both regional and international environmental protection projects through the "Green Rooster" initiative, including reforestation, animal protection and environmental education programs, and uses a portion of its profits to contribute to environmental and climate protection.

Each print is produced in a limited edition, numbered and signed, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that ensures its exclusivity and value as well as security against the risk of counterfeiting.


The papers used for DELPHICAPHOTO fine art prints are the following:

Photo Rag 308 g/m2

Paper 100% cotton, white, smooth, matt finish


Photo Rag Baryta 315 g/m2

Paper 100% cotton, white, high-gloss finish

Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 g/m2

Paper 100% cotton, white, ultra smooth, matt finish

Fine Art paper Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta

FineArt Baryta 325 g/m2

Paper 100% alpha-cellulose, white, high-gloss finish

Fine Art paper Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl

FineArt Pearl 285 g/m2

Paper 100% alpha-cellulose, bright white, pearl-finish

Fine Art paper Hahnemühle Canvas Artist

Canvas Artist 340 g/m2

Poly-cotton, natural white


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