During these excursions, in addition to teaching you some techniques of landscape photography, I want to convey the value of your gaze through the lens.

Each shot tells an experience, expresses your inner world, the emotions that you are experiencing at that moment. This is why I believe that the best way to communicate them is through a story in pictures, an inner journey, step by step, in search of your personal photographic language.

By letting yourself be inspired and intrigued by the richness of the mountain environment, the camera becomes the privileged means to experiment and give voice to your personal style, to compose a story of places that show your point of view to share with others through an exchange of impressions and experiences

The treks have a duration of one or two days (with refuge in shelter) in order to capture the best and most suggestive light conditions, and provide for several stops to take photographs. They are aimed at all amateurs in possession of a DSLR or mirrorless camera with wide-angle lens, normal or medium-tele, which have basic photographic knowledge and good hiking skills. 

Finding ourselves in a mountain environment we must be equipped with the right clothing appropriate to weather conditions and physical needs, and equipment suitable to better face any situation. It is therefore good to have in your backpack: a light and waterproof windbreaker, a warm shirt, a hat to protect from the sun in summer and from cold in winter, the water bottle and a front torch. Trekking poles are also recommended. Obviously the shoes must be specific for trekking or trail running over long distances, in winter it is good to bring along, depending on the route, snowshoes or crampons.

In order for each excursion to be a pleasant and positive experience for oneself and for others, it is advisable that, before embarking on any trek that requires concentration and commitment, everyone should evaluate their physical condition, their preparation and their needs.

Furthermore, common sense should always guide our choices especially in the mountains, and one's life is always more important than a picture. So you have to always pay attention to where you put your feet, not to get away from the paths and lean out.

The best photo is the one that sees us all together at the end of the day!