The wonderful autumn colors of Val Varrone are an unmissable appointment for photographers. The magic of the foliage of the trees enchants thanks to an infinite chromatic variety that changes from day to day. And just the short duration of this beauty is to be preserved in a precious and unrepeatable shot.


Trekking in Val Varrone is also recommended in spring and summer: its nature will always leave you breathless!




The trek develops in a day along the Varrone stream starting from the village of Premana and gradually rising surrounded by larch, beech and fir woods, gently illuminated by the morning sun, until we arrive in the meadows that lead to Bocchetta di Trona with views of the Val Gerola and the Valtellina Alps.

The Bocchetta was the crossing point of the Via del Bitto that connected the Valtellina and the Lario valleys, but also a strategic point during invasions and wars so much that, just upstream of the Bocchetta stands a military fort built in 1917, l the only one still existing of the fortifications of the Cadorna Line.

From here you can reach the Lago dell'Inferno with the majestic scenery of the peaks that surround them and which are reflected in its waters. Lunch at Rifugio Falc (for those who want it) or packed lunch.

The return is planned for the same street, but this time to be illuminated is the southern slope of the valley.

Being a fairly long trek in which you make several photo stops, you need to leave early in the morning, also to catch in their splendor the tops of the trees in warm and intense colors touched by the rays of the sun.


The program may undergo changes in the route in relation to weather conditions and requests from participants.





951 m

Rifugio Casera Vecchia di Varrone 1675 m 
Bocchetta di Trona 2092 m 
Rifugio Falc – Lago dell'Inferno 2120 m

951 m

Participation fee: € 49 per person (including insurance policy).


Maximum number of participants: five.


Trekking equipment: clothing suitable for autumn trekking with fleece and windbreaker jacket, trekking shoes, poles, water bottle.


Meeting point: in the village of Premana at the parking lot at the end of the village at 7.00 am.