A new and alternative way to know the beauty of these places is the participation in photographic trekking, which want to combine the love for this land of Siena with the passion for photography. 


The treks are aimed at all photography enthusiasts who have basic photographic knowledge, good hiking skills and who wish to expand their practical knowledge by discovering wonderful angles in the Tuscan countryside..


Trekking can last a day or a weekend and take place in Val d'Orcia, Val d'Arbia, Chianti and Val di Merse. During these excursions I want to convey the value of your gaze through the lens. Each shot tells an experience, expresses your inner world, the emotions that you are experiencing at that moment.


This is why I believe that the best way to communicate them is through a story in pictures, an inner journey, step by step, in search of your personal photographic language.


Letting you inspire and intrigue the richness that the Tuscan landscape offers, the camera becomes the privileged means to experiment and give voice to your personal style, to compose a story of the places that show your point of view to share with others through an exchange of impressions and experiences. 


Each participant in the trekking is covered by an insurance policy that guarantees assistance in the event of an accident.


The recommended equipment includes a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a normal, large-angle or medium-telephoto lens.


The treks have a duration of one day or a weekend in order to capture the best and most suggestive light conditions, and provide for several stops to take photographs. 


The maximum number of participants is 8.