Delphicaphoto - Photographic trekking in Valsassina purple and orange sunset on the mountains and Lake Como from Grigna
Delphicaphoto - Photographic trekking in Valsassina

Where photo trekking take place

The trekking takes place mainly in Valsassina, in the Orobic Alps of the provinces of Lecco, Bergamo and Sondrio. The starting point is the municipalities of Valsassina and Val Varrone.

Most of the photo trekking follow paths and mule trackscan and can be classified as E = "Hiking" in the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) hiking difficulty scale.

The greater or lesser degree of commitment of each trekking depends mainly on: the overall distance; the type of route and the quality of the bottom of the trails; the morphology of the environment and the total height difference.

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Who the photo trekking are for

The treks are aimed at people passionate about photography and mountains, who are in good health, have basic photographic knowledge, good hiking skills and who wish to improve their photographic technique by discovering wonderful corners in the mountains.
Curious people looking for new experiences, who like to travel backpackers favoring contact with the natural environment, who appreciate a genuine diet made of local products, have a spirit of adaptation and a desire to share their passions.
If you recognize yourself in this description then you are a Phototrekker and photographic treks are made especially for you!

What is the purpose

I want to be able to convey to you the love for nature and the value of your gaze through the lens.


Each trekking is an adventure and each shot tells an experience, expresses your inner world, the emotions you are experiencing at that moment. For this I believe that the most beautiful way of communicating them is through a story in pictures, an inner journey step by step in search of your personal photographic language.


By being inspired and intrigued by the richness of the mountain environment, the camera becomes the privileged means to experiment and give voice to your personal style, to compose a history of places that shows your point of view to share with others through an exchange of impressions and experiences.

What you learn

During these treking you will discover the beauty of the landscape full of wide views and always surprising in detail.

You will then learn the different techniques of landscape photography.

I will help you above all:

  • to improve your photographic technique and bring out your style;
  • to make the most of your equipment and to try out what you don't have;
  • to observe the light to capture the best conditions for shooting;
  • to pay attention to the framing;
  • to choose which lens is best suited to express the image you have in mind;
  • to choose the best time/aperture couple in relation to the desired effect;
  • to choose the most suitable filters and evaluate their use in different situations.

How photo trekking are organized

The treks have a duration of one day or two days (in this case the overnight stay is provided in the refuge) in order to capture the best and most suggestive light conditions.


We follow paths that lead to the mountains and we make stops to take photographs along the route at particularly significant points.


How many partecipants

Photo trekking want to be a pleasant and engaging educational experience for each participant.

The number of people who can take part in the trekkings is limited in order to:

  • be able to dedicate all my full attention and competence to each one;
  • allow everyone to photograph in the best possible light conditions;
  • safeguard everyone's safety and to avoid dangers along the trails and during the stops dedicated to the shots;
  • organize overnight stays in the refuge (when foreseen).

Depending on the type of trek, the number varies from a minimum of five to a maximum of seven participants.

Photographic equipment

Recommended equipment includes:

  • a reflex or mirrorless camera, preferably with the possibility of shooting in manual mode and in RAW format;
  • spare charged batteries;
  • at least one normal or wide-angle or mid-telephoto lens; if you like macro photography you can bring a macro lens or extension tubes;
  • a stable tripod and, possibly, also a remote control;
  • if you have photographic filters, remember to bring them with you because they will be useful for taking shots that require more light control. I especially recommend a polarizing filter (circular or plate) which helps to improve the color rendering and cut out unwanted reflections. Neutral density (ND) and graduated neutral density (GND) filters will also be very useful to you: the former for long exposures, the latter to balance the difference in exposure between earth and sky;
  • a photographic backpack of adequate size to hold your equipment. Do not underestimate the importance of the backpack, because its weight will be felt during the trekking and it is essential that it is as comfortable and functional as possible.

Trekking equipment

Being in a mountain environment, you need to be equipped with the right clothing suitable for weather conditions and physical needs, and with the right equipment to best deal with every situation.


It is therefore good to always have in your backpack:

  • a light and waterproof anorak;
  • a spare technical shirt and a warm fleece;
  • a hat to protect from the sun in summer and from cold in winter;
  • a water bottle;
  • a frontal torch;
  • a small first aid kit.

I also recommend the trekking poles, useful both in the climbs and in the descents as they help maintain balance and unload the weight of the backpack.

Obviously the shoes must be specific for trekking or trail running.

In winter it is good to always carry a pair of simple crampons and, depending on the route, gaiters and snowshoes.

Injury Insurance

Every participant in trekking is covered by a nominative insurance policy that protects against accidents and injuries that may occur during the trek.

This insurance provides for search and rescue also by helicopter, in addition civil liability coverage for any physical and material damage that each participant may cause to third parties.

The insurance fee is included in the excursion price.


In order for each excursion to be a pleasant and positive experience for oneself and for others, it's advisable that you asses your physical condition, your preparation and your needs, before embarking on any trekking that requires concentration and commitment

Furthermore common sense should always guide your choices especially in the mountains, and your life is always more important than a photo. So always pay attention to where you put your feet, not to stray from the trails and lean out.

The best photo is the one that sees us all together at the end of the day!


Photo trekking reward you!

The new PHOTOTREKKER Card is given to you on the occasion of your first photo trekking and offers you a beautiful gadget useful for your treks.


Taking part is easy: all you need is your desire to discover new mountains and your passion for photography!

How the Phototrekker Card works

Take part in four photo trekking, lasting one or two days, according to your choice

Receive a badge for each photo trekking you take part and you get closer and closer to the prize

You have two years from the date of participation in your first photo trekking

Get your prize: a DELPHICAPHOTO gadget

useful for your treks

Everything is clear, Phototrekker?


So sign up and don't stop on your first trekking but keep exploring!




Delphicaphoto Photo Trekking - Val Biandino
Photo Trekking - Val Biandino


Delphciaphoto Photo Trekking - Val Varrone
Photo Trekking - Val Varrone


Delphicaphoto Photo Trekking Valsassina - Cima di Piazzo Monte Sodadura
Photo Trekking - Cima di Piazzo Monte Sodadura


Delphiaphoto Photo Trekking Valsassina - Piani di Artavaggio
Photo Trekking - Piani di Artavaggio


Delphicaphoto Photo Trekking Valsassina- Grigna's flowers
Photo Trekking - Grigna's flowers