The magic of discovering wonderful places to admire and photograph

DELPHICAPHOTO photographic treks are aimed at you who:


  • love photography and walking in nature with awareness
  • think unconventionally and have a free spirit
  • believe in the creative energy and in the endless potential of the human being
  • recognize the value of nature, make daily choices that respect it and care about environmental sustainability
  • want to learn more about how to behave responsibly on your photography excursions
  • want to try new immersive experiences that involve all the senses in harmony with your surroundings
  • want to improve your photographic technique, but above all let yourself be inspired and bring out your free and authentic vision
  • love silence and feel a spiritual attraction for boundless spaces that make the depths of your being vibrate
  • love backpacking, you appreciate a genuine diet made of local products and you're happy to meet the people who made them
  • have a spirit of adaptation and collaboration, you are not afraid of climbs and rain, you want to look others in the eye and share your passions


Then you are a Phototrekker and these treks are made just for you!

Do you feel like you're not capable, too old, or not good enough?

Photo trekkings are an opportunity to free yourself from these useless prejudices that weigh down your wings instead of starting to fly into the adventure of landscape photography.

For everyone there has been a moment in which we understood that the only way to really feel good about ourselves was to listen to our own inner voice, the one that directs us towards the right situations and people for us, for our evolution.


So why not start by participating in photographic treks? Why not leave behind what we were yesterday and instead enter a new flow of energy, a new expressive experience?

It is the most beautiful gift we can give ourselves.


I also talked about it in this article →

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  We shall not cease from exploration
  And the end of all our exploring
  Will be ti arrive where we started
  And know the place for the first time
     T. S. Eliot

Participate in photographic treks: choose to be part of the living ecosystem

DELPHICAPHOTO photo trekking are conceived, organized and cared for considering balance, interdependence and interconnection as fundamental aspects that bind the human being to other living forms and to nature.

Photography lovers can make a real difference with their behavior and their images.

For this reason, at the base of photo trekking, there are three main branches that inspire and guide them:


  • Wellness and creativity
  • Environmental and photographic education
  • Photography ethics and environmental sustainability


DELPHICAPHOTO photo trekking make you come into direct and profound contact with nature and all its biodiversity.

Spend one or more days away from the confusion of overly populated places, walking and contemplating natural landscapes:

  •  relaxes the mind and activates the substances of well-being and satisfaction in the brain
  • improves cardiovascular factors and immune function
  • stimulates learning


Being able to express your creativity through photography:

  •  improves your mood and immerses you in the flow of change in time and space
  • opens the door to a greater knowledge of your being and to the joy of discovering new abilities
  • increases neural connections and leads to a state of greater psychophysical well-being.
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DELPHICAPHOTO photo trekking are an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience:


● you learn to understand the environment around you and to harmonize with it

● your sensitivity towards all forms of life and the whole environment grows

● you learn to move in nature during your shots, applying simple principles of respect

● you learn to observe to find the composition that best corresponds to your vision, and to wait for the light that best expresses your sensitivity
● you learn to choose between the different photographic techniques and the different types of filters to express in the images your feeling alive and vibrant of that moment
● your photographs bear witness to the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting it for all who will see them

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Today it is increasingly important to develop an ecological mentality that is based on considering the human being as a co-star of an integrated whole.


According to the hypothesis of the biophilia the human being has "an innate tendency that leads him to focus his attention on the different forms of life and on everything that remembers them and, in a certain sense, to associate himself emotionally with them in a sort of empathy that leads him to appreciate diversity."


From this way of being in the world arises the need to abandon any futile selfishness to understand how much it is instead the experience of an "we" that gives meaning to every daily choice.


It is possible to enjoy nature and preserve it as an essential value in itself, in our life and in the life of the next generations. DELPHICAPHOTO photo trekking are committed to transmitting the importance of small gestures of sustainability:

  •  respecting all forms of life and ecosystems as a whole
  • implementing responsible and non-destructive behavior
  • showing gratitude for what nature gives us continuously.


For these reasons, I support non-profit organizations and movements that share my same vision, including: Italia GentileNature FirstLeave No TracePOW, Photography Ethics Centre.


To learn more about my principles and values, read my  Statement of Photography Ethics and Sustainability Statement:

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Mountains rich in history and poetry

Horizontal photo with the sun rising over the mountains seen from the top of Grigna in june

Immersed in the nature of the beautiful Lombard Pre-Alps, the Valsassina and the nearby valleys offer a unique opportunity for guided photographic trekking.


Great names are linked to these places:



Live the unmissable experience that combines

your passion for photography and your love for the mountains


Embrace with every step the silent beauty that sings around you

and resounds in your eyes full of wonder 



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A world heritage awaits you!

Photo of green hills lit by the sun, with two cypresses on the horizon in Val d'Orcia

The magnificent scenery of the province of Siena boast three UNESCO world heritage sites.


This is the ideal place to immerse yourself thanks to photo trekking, to discover and love unique places that have no equal in the world.

The territory of Siena is dotted with villages in harmony with the hills, the vineyards, the olive groves, the woods, the "crete" and the thousand dirt roads that take you back in time.


In these lands rich in history, culture, tradition, art and nature you feel immersed in an extraordinary setting, where every corner offers a surprise and invites you to discover its treasures, in a crescendo that completely involves you.



Let yourself be conquered by the fascinating landscapes and the millenary history

that reigns in this magical land


Let yourself be taken by the hand by every ray of light,


by every cloud in harmony with the whole



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Image of the Phototrekker Card with three hiker icons.



The PHOTOTREKKER Card by DELPHICAPHOTO is sent to you on the occasion of your first photo trekking and it is valid for three photo trekking to be partecipated in within two years.

How the Phototrekker Card works

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Icon of a hiker

Take part in your first photo trekking, lasting one or more days

Clock icon

You are will be sent the Phototrekker card, valid for two years

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Get a discount on the second photo trekking

Gift icon

After three participations you will receive a beautiful eco-gadget as a gift

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But this is only the beginning!


Subsequent photo trekking bring you new offers and surprises! 

And if you subscribe to the Newsletter reserved offers and promotions await you!

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Find out how DELPHICAPHOTO Photo Trekking are an experience that helps you discover new ways to express your talents

Nicole photo

"I live in Switzerland where I attended a photography course with my first SLR, but I had never participated in a photographic trek. Despite the embarrassment I wanted to try. Ylenia immediately put me at ease, she guided me during the shots and helped me get rid of many stereotypes I learned. Thus I learned to bring out my way of seeing what I am surrounds and follow my instincts. Now I have become more confident in my abilities."

Nicole K.

Davide photo

"I deal with design but as soon as I can I escape from Milan and go to the mountains. The idea of a photographic trek attracted me immediately and I wanted to test my new wide angle lens. Me Ylenia's competence in the technical field and her interpersonal skills, attentive to the needs of each participant, impressed. I was able to experiment with long exposures and, thanks to Ylenia's patience and explanations, I managed to get the shot I wanted."

Davide F.

Foto di Elisa

"I took part in the photo trekking in autumn, after my divorce, when I rediscovered the pleasure of nature and photography that helped me overcome that period. Ylenia was very good at understanding my need for creativity and new experiences. She gave me a lot of ideas to take the photos I wanted against the light with unusual angles, using macro lenses for details. She showed me that a single ray of sunshine can create an enchanted atmosphere and my sensitivity can bring a landscape to life."

Elisa G.



Become a Phototrekker too!


Start looking at the nature around you with new eyes and let the photographs express who you are


Choose the photo trekking you prefer and don't stop at the first one...


The adventures and surprises continue! 

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