Mountains, nature, freedom and memory

From the mountains of Valsassina and the Alps, to the Tuscan hills of the province of Siena and beyond: the borderless journey of photography.

My photographic works invite you to perceive the essence of the profound union of the human being with nature, to have the responsibility of preserving the environment because life depends on it, and to pass on the enormous value of nature so that every person can respect and enjoy it.

Black and white photo of mountain landscape seen from the top of Grigna


The value and beauty of nature are the protagonists

 With DELPHICAPHOTO fine art prints, the masterpieces of nature inspire you in every moment.

Enjoy the experience of being able to admire the landscapes you love thanks to the fine art prints created in limited edition, certified and signed.

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Photo of living room with a picture of sunrise over the mountains with fog from the Grigna


Fine art prints transform the spaces you inhabit and the way you experience them.

When nature becomes part of your daily experience through a fine art print,

every aspect of your day is enriched with creativity and harmony.

In each fine art print you can perceive the energizing power of nature that takes you to the root of your being.



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The passion for photography and the love for nature

DELPHICAPHOTO photo trekking take you to discover landscapes rich in history and wonders

Horizontal photo with the sun rising over the mountains seen from the top of Grigna in june.


Vertical photo with a yellow larch in the center in autumn on the mountain

Immersed in nature between Lake Como and the beautiful Lombard Prealps, Valsassina and the nearby valleys offer a unique opportunity for photo trekking.

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Vertical photo of the Val d'Orcia in June with green and yellow fields and cypress trees at dawn with fog

The magnificent scenery of the province of Siena - a UNESCO world heritage city since 1995 - boast three UNESCO world heritage sites.


Journeys to discover places and people

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Delphicaphoto Foto delle Dolomiti della Val di Fassa
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Delphicaphoto Foto del Vajont, reportage femminile visitando i luoghi della tragedia


Delphicaphoto Foto del Madagascar con persone e natura dalla galleria Reportage


The existential and artistic adventure of an exploratory photographer

Delphicaphoto in Nepal with Makalu in the background

Each of my landscape photograph has deep roots in my passion for nature and the mountains. It's like a call. In silence and contemplation I joyfully live the invitation to discover the world.

I am very concerned with the conservation of natural environments, especially in the mountains, and of other animal species. Photographing ethically and encouraging other photographers to do the same is a priority.

This is why I made the pledge to photography ethics and environmental sustainability.

I attended the International School of Visual Communication in Florence (Italy), born from the collaboration with the Alinari Foundation, obtaining the Qualification of Photographer, recognized by the European Union.

I am a qualified trekking instructor and I practice challenging mountain excursions - from the Apennines to the Dolomites, from the Alps up to the Himalayas in Nepal - which leads me to discover new places, meet people and share my walking experiences with them.

As a photographer, through my works and photo trekking I try to increase people's awareness and sensitivity regarding the irreplaceable value of nature, and to transmit to them the desire to embrace and protect every atom of such beauty.

I am a member of Nature First and I share its principles by which we can enjoy photography responsibly through sustainable and low-impact practices, to preserve the wonderful nature and mountains of our planet.



A window from which to look at oneself and the world away from clichés


Reflections, suggestions and insights relating to fine art landscape photography, photographic trekking, photographic history and technique, ethics and environmental sustainability, to increase photographers' awareness and safeguard nature.


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