Delphicaphoto photographic treks in Valsassina mountains are an opportunity to access a set of teachings that embrace both the aspects of landscape photography as an artistic expression of one's being, the naturalistic value of the territory and the importance of its conservation, and the sporting practice of trekking.



Creativity, inspiration and storytelling


Photographic trekking places the emphasis on creativity as a profound motivation that generates strong pleasure and stimulate an innate curiosity and enthusiasm. This leads to learning and the desire for new knowledge spontaneously

Every photo trekking is an opportunity for growth both in the development of your landscape photographic technique, enhancing what you do and your way of being, and for the stimuli and inspirations that enrich your creative path

Photographic treks in mountain landscapes are an adventure and each shot tells your experience. Creating a story through images is an internal journey into your perceptions and a discovery of your personal photographic style

Value of photography and nature


Immersing yourself in the richness of the mountain environment, photography becomes the means for observing and understanding the places around you. Photo trekking allows you to have, step by step, an exchange of impressions in dialogue with nature

The mountains are increasingly suffering from the effects of climate change. Then landscape photography is essential to show the inestimable value of nature, increase knowledge and awareness, preserve the environment and the memory of places

Photographic treks are the ideal moment to learn about photography ethics and the importance of implementing responsible behavior for environmental sustainability. Put concrete actions into practice in your lifestyle as conscious photographers and hikers

Look around, breathe and be reborn with the mountains

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Enhance your gaze

During Delphicaphoto photo trekking you receive all the help, attention and expertise you need to be able to enhance your unique way of looking and feeling the nature that surrounds you.

Your aesthetic needs and preferences are essential to fully develop your potential, and your ability to be amazed is the key to discovering the treasures you have inside.

This is why I am committed to putting all my knowledge and professionalism, optimism and encouragement at your disposal so that you get the most out of this experience.

Express the artist you are

During Delphicaphoto photo trekking I propose an artistic approach that allows you to express your creativity and create the photographs you want.

I meet your doubts and difficulties during the creative process, so that your emotions are translated into images and the images into the concepts you want to communicate.


Let yourself be inspired by everything you meet, listen to, breathe, read, and let yourself be carried away by the sensitivity of your inner world: the suggestions you experience are the springboard to start developing your personal style.

Experiment with different techniques

During Delphicaphoto photo trekking you will discover the beauty of the landscape full of wide views and always surprising in detail.

You will learn to observe, listen, enter into a silent relationship with the environment that surrounds you and to express yourself through the different techniques of landscape and nature photography.


I will help you above all:

  • to improve your photographic technique and bring out your style
  • to make the most of your equipment
  • to observe the light to capture the best conditions for shooting
  • to pay attention to the framing
  • to choose which lens is best suited to express the image you have in mind
  • to choose the best time/aperture couple in relation to the desired effect
  • to choose the most suitable filters and evaluate their use in different situations

Live the adventure

Delphicaphoto photo trekking were created to experience the mountains in all its aspects and conditions, in an adventurous and responsible, conscious and respectful way.

This is why I invite you to let Nature take you by the hand and taste everything it gives you.


Only by accepting with a smile the rain, the wind or the snow, the fatigue and the little unexpected events, you can really enjoy every moment of light that makes you one with Nature and take photographs that will make your memories indelible.

Walk the trails and reach the panoramic peaks experiencing adventure at every step.

Respect where you are by practicing the Leave No Trace and Nature First principles and you will be an example for others.

Enjoy and share

Delphicaphoto photo trekking want to be a pleasant and positive experience for oneself and for others. For this reason, it is advisable that you evaluate your physical condition, your preparation and your particular needs, before embarking on any trek.


Common sense should always guide your choices especially in the mountains, and your life is always more important than a photo. So be careful, do not stray from the paths and do not lean out.

But above all: have fun and share your enthusiasm by letting yourself be fascinated by the atmosphere of the mountains!

The best photo is the one that sees us all together at the end of the day!


Val Biandino

Photo of Val Biandino with Pizzo dei Tre Signori and blooming rhododendrons


This is a challenging photographic trek in Val Biandino crossing different environments such as woods, meadows, lakes and mountain peaks along the Dorsale Orobica Lecchese. Landscape photography finds every possibility of expression here and is also loaded with naturalistic value given that it is often possible to see ibexes and marmots.


Val Varrone

Photo of the Val Varrone with the colors of fir and larch trees in autumn


The wonderful colors of autumn in Val Varrone inspire landscape photography thanks to their continuous change. The intensity of the atmosphere makes us feel in harmony with nature as we abandon ourselves to the new season that offers so much luminous beauty.


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Cima di Piazzo - Monte Sodadura

Photo from the statue on Cima di Piazzo with a view of the Zuccone Campelli


The photographic trek lasts two days and allows you to photograph the landscape at sunset and dawn by climbing two nearby mountains: Cima di Piazzo and Monte Sodadura from where your gaze can range in every direction. Photographing the sun as it rises and disappears on the horizon is an experience that activates our inner energies and makes the joy of living flow within us.


Piani di Artavaggio

Photo of the snow-covered Piani di Artavaggio with Mount Sodadura in the background


This winter photographic trek offers the opportunity to take a daily excursion to the Piani di Artavaggio and photograph the snow-covered landscape. Such a minimalist panorama and such particular light conditions allow us to understand the technique and find personal solutions in composition and exposure.


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Grigna's flowers

Macro photo of the flowers on the Grigna in spring


When the flowers return to cover the woods and meadows of Grigna in early spring, it's time to take your camera and participate in this easy trek to take close-up photos of the numerous species of flowers.


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