Creating a reportage is a fascinating journey: it often arises unexpectedly from a coincidence, an intuition, a desire. Maybe it remains hidden for a long time, until the moment in which the will and the circumstances begin to match and the time comes to set out.

These works were born free and grew step by step, because this is how life happens and this is how you really get to know places and people.

Each photographic story is first of all a listening process and a teaching to be ready to welcome, with all the senses, the circumstances that present themselves to me: so each experience is authentic and enriches my inner panorama and that of those who observe the images with attention and openness.





From the Marmolada to the most evocative paths of the Dolomites in Val di Fassa to tell the breath of the mountains and being free.

Delphicaphoto Foto delle Dolomiti della Val di Fassa



A reportage on memory and rebirth told through my gaze as a woman.

Delphicaphoto Foto del Vajont, reportage femminile visitando i luoghi della tragedia



Life that flows along a journey through the wonders of Madagascar, meeting the inhabitants of this island and their way of dealing with the difficulties of everyday life.

Delphicaphoto Foto del Madagascar con persone e natura dalla galleria Reportage
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