Landscape photography: starting at any age stress-free

Ritratto miniatura bianco e nero di Ylenia



Written by Ylenia Cantello

Foto in bianco e nero di paesaggio di montagna in Valsassina con prato in primo piano

Many people who want to approach landscape photography in adulthood often experience this experience in a contradictory and painful way.
On the one hand they feel that the time has finally come to dedicate time to something they love to do, on the other they self-censor thinking that it's too late and that there are more important things to do.
They therefore experience a psychological conflict which is typical of those who, while feeling the urge to follow their own path, allow themselves to be conditioned by the common thinking of western society, so those who are over a certain number of years are excluded from actively dedicating themselves to passions and interests.


It is precisely a wrong mentality that always leads to judgment and comparison with others, and diminishes the value of the human being, ignoring the continuous evolution that characterizes us throughout life and the importance for health, well-being and physical, mental and spiritual balance of dedicating oneself to a passion that involves us, makes us discover new things and new aspects of ourselves.

When you don't listen to the voice that invites you to do what you like or what you would like to experience doing, problems arise that manifest themselves with various psychological discomforts.
And when, on the other hand, you listen too much to what others think is right or wrong to do at a certain age, based on a limited and castrating vision of how life should go, what milestones should be respected and when, then insecurity, frustration, stress and loss of self-esteem.


To live an authentic life one must not fall into the trap of social and cultural conditioning, but let our most intimate being emerge with serenity and naturalness which calls us to something that is perhaps inconceivable for others but for us is a fundamental step in our inner path.

Photography is the master of this, and landscape photography, thanks to total immersion in the natural environment, is even more so.

During my photographic trekking there comes a moment in which the participants perceive that two practices of awareness add up in them: the creative experience of expressing themselves through photographic images, and being part of nature experienced with all the senses. Everyone experiences a strong feeling of liberation and infinite freedom.

To do this there are no limits of any kind, least of all age limits!

And what for others may be an end point, for us instead represents a splendid starting point.
It just depends on knowing how to listen deeply and thus be able to shake off so many useless thoughts to open up to your own unrepeatable and unique way of seeing the world.



The first thing to do is to recognize that we are conditioned by the common thought that makes us feel wrong in wanting to realize our passion for landscape photography, and to become aware that this thought doesn't actually belong to us.

Then it is important to act:

  • we start gradually by taking mindful walks in nature, trying to be present to our heartbeats and participating in the life around us
  • we carry the camera with us and when something catches our attention we look through the viewfinder and shoot
  • the result is not important but the fact that we followed our inspiration of the moment which is telling us something profound about us
  • we don't judge our works, but we accept each photo as a step towards our soul
  • we don't tell anyone what we do because we are maturing in our intimacy that needs care and silence to blossom
  • let's focus on what drives us to photograph landscapes, on our love for nature instead of how we should be
  • we continue to learn and grow as photographers and nature lovers also by participating in my photographic treks
  • we follow our path which becomes ever brighter and we bring this light into every aspect of our lives: we feel at peace and in harmony, happy with our path and we no longer suffer criticism from others.



What we can do right now is to abandon the old mentality that blocks our immense potential and recognize the value of our authenticity thanks to the power of nature and photography.

We go out and photograph the landscapes that can give us so much energy and that can enrich us at every glance.

We are not afraid to show our passion for photography
landscape. Passions have no age.

We meet other photographers and walk together on an endless journey of discovery and creativity.




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